Xosar (DE/USA)

Xosar (DE/USA)

American born, Berlin based music producer Xosar

On the 20th of May Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force will host a performance by Xosar, American born, Berlin based producer whose beguiling sound is a mix of unnerving atmospheres, keenly bolted onto raw techno tempos and haunting dark grooves. Already snapped up by super credible labels like L.I.E.S., Opal Tapes and her own GYROCYRE, Xosar has turned out a steady stream of well-received singles and a debut full length. Her forthcoming material may surprise some people, as it marks some thing of a stylistic shift for this tasteful techno talent.

Influenced by experimental sounds, horror soundtracks, black metal, lo-fi electronica and hypnotizing techno, Xosar says “my goal is to harness the energy of emotion and convey it through music to resonate within the depths of human existence, conjure emotion, and heighten consciousness levels.” Her live set is an accomplished, laptop-free one: taking in multiple drum machines, sequencer-samplers and effects, Xosar manipulates sound into dark, brooding and mysteriously ghostly shadows of techno and much more.

On the 1st of April the new Xosar album Xymeria was released.