News, guides, photos and videos from the festival of music and media art Mental Force

First night photo report

Dirty Owl at unsound dislocation_mental force festival

Dirty Owl

Force Carriers at unsound dislocation x Mental force festival

Force Carriers





Kangding Ray at Unsound Dislocation Mental Force festival

Kangding Ray

Kangding Ray and Stanislav Tolkachev at Unsound Dislocation Mental Force festival

Kangding Ray and Stanislav Tolkachev

Installations & Mapping

During Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force festival we will also present two interactive installations and two mapping-projections:


Olga Karelkina: Playtime. Extrasensoric Dance Detector

19 MAY, 00:00 – 06:00,  Chill-space at RE:PUBLIC club



Monogroup: Shifting Arctic Boundaries

19 MAY, 00:00 – 06:00,  Chill-space at RE:PUBLIC club



Authors :

  • Natalia Nemkova (Monogroup architects community), Panayota Phita
  • Artem Atrashevski – interactive
  • Dina Leonova – graphic design, exhibition design.



Pasha Plaha: Mapping at the festival pre-party

19 MAY, 21:00 – 23:00, Event Space yard, Kastryčnickaja st, 16а


Katerina Tretiakova: Chill-pace Mapping

19 MAY, 00:00 – 06:00,  Chill-space at RE:PUBLIC club





Knowledge Days – Program

Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force festival of electronic music and media-art will happen in Minsk on the 19-21 of May 2017 featuring performances by musician and media-artists from Belarus, Germany, Poland, France, Australia, USA, Ukraine and Russia. We have also prepared a program of ‘knowledge sharing’ for you – three lectures and a discussion:

Knowledge Days:

20 MAY 2017

14:00 – 18:00
Goethe-Institut Minsk (Charužaj st. 25/3)

14:00 — Lecture by Igor Kopko: «Modular synthesizers in contemporary music»

16:00 — Discussion: «Locations & Dislocations»

21 MAY 2017

15:00 – 17:00
PUNKT (Kastryčnickaja st. 23а)

15:00 — Lecture by Natalia Nemkova: «Interaction as a tool for cultural negotiation»

16:00 — Lecture-performance by Olia Sosnovskaya: «burn, on fire, alight, inflamed, glow, ablaze, fervent, go up in smoke»

Lecture: “Modular synthesizers in contemporary music”.


Electronic musician and sound designer Igor Kopko (Radiokoala) will tell about the current state of the ‘modular industry’, new trends and developements, possibilities of these unusual music devices, that have created a whole subculture of like-minded people and have been defining the direction of music development for several decades. He will also show how he uses a modular synth in a live performance. The participants will be able to  play with a synth trying to produce interesting sounds.

Discussion: Locations & Dislocations


Music festival organizers from Poland and Belarus will discuss the current issues of local. regional and global scenes interaction.

Participants: Mat Schulz and Malgorzata Plysa (Unsound Festival), Jedrzej Dondzillo (Up To Date Festival),  Mental Force Festival team

Moderator: Alexander Karneichuk (

Language: English with translation, Belarusian, Russian.

Lecture by Natalia Nemkova: “Interaction as a tool for cultural negotiation”


Natalia Nemkova from an architects commuinty Monogroup will speak about turning the social research data into an intractive game using Processing.

Language: Russian, English.

Lecture-performance by Olia Sosnovskaya: “burn, on fire, alight, inflamed, glow, ablaze, fervent, go up in smoke”


The artist will consider various spaces and dimensions of festivities. Points of tension and connections between work and leasure, entertainment and boredom, pleasure and violence, body experience and spectacle, revolution-ness and commercialization. From the official Soviet and Post-Soviet celebrations to raves.


Music program of the festival


Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force is supported by the Goethe-Institut in Minsk, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Polish Institute in Minsk , Embassy of France in Belarus.

The official festival hotel — Garni. Partners: «Аzhur Grupp»,,  Create IT! conference, Next App taxi.

Festival program. Music

Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force is a collaboration with Goethe-Institut Minsk, Unsound Festival (Poland) and Mental Force Festival (Belarus) that will take place in Minsk on the 19-21 of May 2017.

The program includes two club nights and an experimental/poetic concert in RE:PUBLIC club, as well as workshops, discussions and artist talks.

Unsound Dislocation x Mental Force Festival Line-up


The Krakow-based Unsound Festival was founded in 2003 and soon became globally recognized thanks to a stream of forward-thinking events in New York, London, Toronto, Adelaide and the Eastern Europe.

The four editions of Unsound Festival in Minsk (2007-2008) had a huge impact on the Belarusian music scene, bringing a large number of international acts to the city, and helping local artists to get more international visibility. A compilation CD ‘Connections’ released by ~scape label in 2009 and featuring collaborations by Pole & I/DEX, Pinch & Pavel Ambiont and others helped to establish the links between the Belarusian and the Western music scenes.

In May 2017 Unsound Festival will return to Belarus to create a varied program of electronic and experimental music, audio-visual performances and discussions in a new collaboration with Mental Force Festival (Minsk).

Dislocation — is the new event series run by Unsound Festival in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia that bringing together international and local music scenes. This year Dislocation events will start in Minsk, then travel to Almaty (KZ), Kazan & Murmansk (RU), Lviv (UA).

Mental Force Festival (Belarus) is co-organized by two Belarusian labels — Foundamental Network and Force Carriers, who are joined by МЕЧТА — one of the most resonant techno promo-groups of the recent years that has shaken the Minsk with its abandoned factory raves.

Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force is supported by the Goethe-Institut Minsk, Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, Instytut Polski w Mińsku and Ambassade de France en Biélorussie. Local partners: Garni Hotel, Azhur Grupp,, Create IT! conference,,, and others.


Interview for pARTisan mag

On May 22-23 2015 in Minsk space «Studio67», the electronic music & live video performances festival Mental Force — the first in the series of upcoming events — took place featuring such world-renowned audiovisual artists as Robert Henke’s solo project Monolake (Germany) and Tarik Barri (Netherlands/Germany).

Mental Force. Photo: Goethe-Institut / А. Tarantino Zhdanovich

These artists agreed to perform together at the request of the organizers Viktar Kamianiecki, Yuliya Kaviazina, Pavel Niakhayeu and Volha Salakheyeva who represent the Belarusian labels Foundamental Network and Force Carriers. By the way, this fact gives the festival its name, which refers to the labels themselves and precisely defines the concept of the event. Apart from the guest headliners, music and video artists from Belarus also took part in the festival, among whom i/dex, Alexei De Bronhe & Artemiy Kalinin, Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga, ism, Khmarun & TXYZ, Apex Sphere, Poltishiny. Educational program was held the next day: Robert Henke’s and Tarik Barri’s lectures.

The project was supported by Goethe-Institut Minsk, as well as by other partners, but what regards the organization of the festival itself — its concept, planning, management and promo actions — it was a group of four people who were in charge of all. «We have discussed everything together, but each of us has a „super-power“ of his/her own, — Pavel Niakhayeu explains. — Julia is an excellent project manager, she is able to find the necessary contacts and equipment very fast, she is also good at planning the budget. Viktar is a professional designer, besides they were both engaged in web-site construction, Volha is a guru of media planning and PR, whereas I write all sorts of concepts, articles and translations». The idea of the festival did not come out of the blue. The group had already had experience in the organization of cultural events of various formats — musical, artistic, educational, and this is what they will continue to deal with in future.

Tarik Barri and Yuliya Kaviazina

— How did you come up with the idea of the festival? Was it a spontaneous thought or it had been prepared strategically, since one can feel that the event is really significant?

Pavel Niakhayeu: In 2008 Viktar Kamianiecki and Julia Kaviazina held peformances with European top electronic musicians (Vladislav Delay, Pole, Mikkel Metal), and in 2009 together with its main organizers they worked at the festival In-Touch creating an excellent experimental program (Signal, Zavoloka, Mika Vainio). Since the end of 2010 the four of us jointed our efforts in developing the festivalLive Performers Meeting — Minsk. It was set by the Italian team in cooperation with us and «Ў» Gallery of Contemporary Art. In the course of 10 months of work we received good training, we learned a lot and realized that together we could do a lot of interesting things. The festival was wonderful and gathered about 120 artists from nearly 20 countries — VJs, video artists, live coders, visual theaters and performers, musicians, researchers and others interested in the field of digital art and technology.

Since then we realized that music alone was not enough — it was necessary to address visual and performative components too, as well as education in this area, since nowadays any branch of contemporary art and popular culture use the benefits of digital media technologies with the latter not so immediately integrating these practices and techniques.

And in Belarus, unfortunately, after a couple of years of enthusiasm young artists — musicians and VJ/video artists — often get disappointed and turn to routine work and daily life. So it is an absolute necessity for creative environment to keep on pulsating being a field where they could create, display their work, obtain additional knowledge and experience, get inspired by collaboration with others — in short, this movement should never stop. And this can happen only through the cooperation of various communities over the years.

Official photo report

Project Poltishiny - Ales Tsurko and Kanstantsin Yaskou

Project Poltishiny – Ales Tsurko and Kanstantsin Yaskou

Project ism - Aleh Niakhai and Maxim Bogdanovich

Project ism – Aleh Niakhai and Maxim Bogdanovich

Khmarun & TXYZ at Mental Force Festival

Khmarun & TXYZ at Mental Force Festival

Audio-visual performance from I/DEX and VJ SOLAR OLGA

Audio-visual performance from I/DEX and VJ SOLAR OLGA



Monolake (Robert Henke) presents his album that will be released in 2016

Tarik Barri (NL) at Mental Force Festival

Tarik Barri (NL) performs at Mental Force Festival with complex generative video

Techno producers Pavel Ambiont and Apex Sphere

Techno producers Pavel Ambiont and Apex Sphere presents Force Carriers label

Photo by Alexander Tarantino Zhdanovich

Education Day photo report

The second day of the festival Mental Force was Education Day where Robert Henke and Tarik Barri shared their knowledge with visitors.

Robert provides insight into his latest audiovisual concert work, Lumière II and why he is fascinated by the combination of lasers and sound and what the connection is between his installations and his performance works.

Robert Henke explains the laser work

Robert Henke explains the laser work

And Tarik showed his Versum software, which was originally developed as a 3D audiovisual sequencer for the purpose of creating music by flying through melodies within a virtual space.  Explained the thoughts and technical steps he went through on his journey, to inspire the visitors with some new perspectives on sound, music, and visuals.

Tarik Barri and his visual program Versus

Tarik Barri and his visual program Versus

Below some photos from this meeting:

Photos by Yuliya Kaviazina, Praskovia Mickiewicz, Olga Salakheyeva

ISM – live

ism – is a live A/V project of musician Aleh Niakhai (Spit it Out) and video-artist Maxim Bogdanovich that was presented at Mental Force Festival.