About the Mental Force festival

Electronic music & live video performances in Belarus

Mental Force – is a series of music and digital art festivals aimed to promote the contemporary electronic / digital culture by inviting the leading artists from Belarus and other European countries – musicians, live video artists and digital art experts.

Mental Force will explore the synergy of sound & image, technological experimentalism and sublime aesthetics.

We aim not just to attract local audience to a foreign stars concert, but to re-set a high standard for international music events in Minsk and show once again that our artists are working in similar context and using common creative languages as their international peers.

We want to remind that electronic music is not just about mindless entertainment – but is also an environment for technological and aesthetic research, and international cultural connections.

Mental Force festival is initiated and produced by the team of two Belarus music labels – Foundamental Network and Force Carriers  and is kindly supported by the Goethe Institute in Minsk, and other partners.