Ales Tsurko & Kanstantsin Yaskou. On the Edge of Silence

Poltishiny (Half-Silence) is the new project of two composers – Ales Tsurko & Kanstantsin Yaskou, who explore the border between silence and sound through piano+electronica improvisations. 

Kanstantsin Yaskou represents a new generation of Belarusian academic composers who are open to experiments and see no limits in creativity.  Kanstantsin and Ales Tsurko are steady collaborators, their latest joint project was Kanstantsin’s album Zona Opus Posth with interactive part programmed by Ales.

Ales Tsurko, is working in experimental and academic music and multimedia-art. He has released several albums of poetic electronica and post-rock under his name and as Alexander Martovsky, has created a number of interactive audio-visual installations – 24H Solaris (BY), Posłuszny Pixel (Bialystok Opera, PL).



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