Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga

Pavel Ambiont & Solar Olga

Visual Techno Poetry

Pavel Ambiont

Pavel Niakhayeu – electronic musician, researcher and cultural activist. Main music projects: Pavel Ambiont & Nieviadomy Artyst.

Music shapeshifts from deep & dubby to trancey or more agressive techno, dubtech, electro, tribal rhythms or ambient. It’s not style that is important, but a general feel or character of sound flow that can be summed up as ‘hypno’ or ‘liminal techno’ – techno that borders or merges with other genres.

Works with Belarusian promo / labels Foundamental Network and Owner of Force Carriers techno label.

Collaborated with: VJ Solar Olga, Alexei S4DS, Parametric and VJ Michał Mierzwa. Cooperation with Unsound Festival has led to work with the UK dubstep producer Pinch with whom Jellybean / Poison / Remedy (12″) was released – and to playing with multi-instrumentalist Artem Atrashevsky (B_twisted) in a dub/downtempo duo Nerdy Dubz.

Solar Olga

After having studied Arts & Visual Culture in Minsk,  Saint-Petersburg and Vilnius,  Olga has turned to making her own visuals. She’s interested in contemplation vs. action opposition. She prefers non-narrative cinematic images and AV performances where the audience can concentrate more – rather than VJ sets at club events. Olga is searching for a way to create dreamlike visual environment that can help people know and heal themselves.


Mental Force Festival Participants