Khmarun & TXYZ

Khmarun & TXYZ

Audio Visual Live Performance

Anton Khmarun electronic producer from Minsk that now live and creates mostly in Saint Petersburg. Together with КРЮК community Anton performs on various festivals such as ElectroMechanica, Forest Quest and etc. and cooperates with Russian music producers by making remixes. With early Khmarun works you can acquaint on a compilation Mental Contact  (2009) from the Fondamental Network, and by listening the remix on Saint-Petersburg music producer Endwise.

But at festival of electronic music and digital arts Mental ForceKhmarun will present his new live program. He made delightful intelligent techno which fits perfectly into the festival program! Therefore Anton flying back home to Minsk!

Olga Karelkina from the math-VJ trio TXYZ is a digital artist in the literal sense. With a PhD in math, she’s one of the few Belarusian artists who creates generative visuals with Processing and specialized math software – Wolfram Mathematica and CINEMA 4D. At Mental Force Festival Olga will perform with Anton Khmarun.



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