Alexei De Bronhe & Artemiy Kalinin

Alexei De Bronhe & Artemiy Kalinin



Urban cinema-drift «Laserlove Townsheeps» is filmed in the best traditions of psychogeographical art. This live cinema story is about two lonely people with extraordinary abilities that make them antisocial. Heroes are underdogs in conflict with society, uncertain, perhaps not wishing to understand, and lonely. They draw strength in urban structures: buildings with specific psycho-energy.

All the materials were filmed in Berlin during the 25 days in August 2014. Performance «Laserlove Townsheeps» captures the Berlin aesthetics, it’s rhythm, unites architectural forms, minimalism, concrete, glass, steel, sharp corners, techno music and strong story line.

More information about film: Laserlove Townsheeps


Alexei De Bronhe is a filmmaker and electronic musician playing live bass and beat music. He’s one of the founders of the live electronic music community GBC, music label Byzond Records, and independent filmlabel Byzond Pictures  with a strong influence of DIY culture. On the set of the project Alexey was a director, producer, casting director, writer and art director. During the performance he is working on live techno music narrative.

Artemiy Kalinin (VJ Чёрный Винт) – vj and videographer from Minsk. Besides performing at GBC community events, Artemiy has collaborated with Egor Zabelov Trio during their Poland tour and shoots music videos and commercials. On the set he worked as a photography director. During the performance he is responsible for the live cut and storyline.

Cast: Christopher Ng (Sydney, Australia / Hong Kong, Chine), Ryo Takahashi (Yokohama, Japan),
Veranika Khatskevich (Minsk, Belarus / Berlin, Germany), Jake Sandrini (Adelaide, Australia)

Film length: 45 minutes

Live cinema «Laserlove Townsheeps» (production Belarus) was established by an international team from Japan, Australia and Germany. This Live cinema performance was specially created for Live Cinema Festival which premiered in Rome. In Belarus, the project will be premiered at the Mental Force Festival.

The concept of live cinema is still a fairly new and developing genre within media art that brings together experimental approaches to narrative and non-narrative film making, with live music and the performing arts.


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